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Get fuel smart at your local Hammer ...

AA Smartfuel. Fuel savings that accumulate.


You can fill up for less by collecting AA Smartfuel savings, grab your free card instore at Hammer Hardware now.

AA Smartfuel is a fuel discount rewards programme available free to all New Zealand motorists.
Your cents per litre fuel discounts accumulate every time you shop at participating retailers, giving you a total combined discount you can use on up to 50 litres of fuel...now that's smart!

How does it work?
Swipe your AA Smartfuel card every time you shop at Hammer Hardware and earn cumulative cents per litre discounts off your next fuel purchase. Then when you next fill-up at BP or G.A.S petrol service stations, swipe your new card and the price you pay will be reduced by the accumulated cents per litre stored on your card [up to a maximum of 50 litres of fuel]. Shop at Hammer Hardware and save 1c per litre every time you spend $10 or more, save 2c per litre when you spend $25 or more, or save 4c per litre when you spend $40 or more. To find out more go to AAsmartfuel.co.nz


Conditions apply – Redeemable on maximum 50L. AA Smartfuel discounts expire at end of the calendar month following the month in which they were awarded. On any redemption of accrued discounts, any remaining AA Smartfuel card balance of unredeemed discounts is cleared to zero



  • Earn up to 50 litres of free fuel - real savings on your total fuel bill

  • AA Smartfuel discounts accumulate each time you shop

  • Earn cents per litre (¢pl) fuel discounts from a wide variety of participating retail outlets, service providers and service stations

  • Earn and redeem with one card

  • Grow your discounts faster by linking cards with family and friends

  • Keep track of your fuel discounts and manage your account online


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