We like to help Kiwis build their balance

With AA Smartfuel you’re one of millions of Kiwis earning fuel discounts as they
buy fuel and shop with retailers across the country. Building your balance is easy with
when you shop at Hammer Hardware:
You save 1c per litre every time you spend $10 or more, save 2c per litre when you
spend $25 or more, or save 4c per litre when you spend $40 or more.

And there's more you can do with this super-smart programme.

  • When you fuel up at bp or GAS you might choose to take the cents per litre discount straight
    away. But better still, save the discount and build up your balance for a greater discount at another time.
  • Watch your balance of fuel discounts build to an even bigger amount by shopping at other participating retailers.
  • When it’s time for the big fill, make the most of it and redeem the balance off every litre of fuel at bp or GAS (up to 50 litres).
  • Grow your discounts faster by linking cards with family and friends.
  • Keep track of your fuel discounts and manage your account with the AA Smartfuel app on online
  • You can even turn your balance into Qantas points for travel, hotels and more. Or fight climate change by opting for CarbonClick as one of the ways to redeem your rewards.
    You’ll be helping fund native forest regeneration and clean energy projects.
  • Find out more at aasmartfuel.co.nz