CRC 808 Silicone Spray 500ml

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Provides a thin, durable, odourless film that revives lubricates,waterproofs and protects. Ideal for use on all metals, plastic,rubber, fabric, wood and painted surfaces.
  • Multi-Purpose Product Revives, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans and shines.
  • Clear, odourless, non-staining No need for messy greases and oils.
  • Harmless to most materials Metals, plastics, rubber, adhesives, wood, fabrics, glass, inks and paints.
Brand Name
Flash Point (Degree Celsius)
minus 17 deg Celsius
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Recommended Use
Automotive: CRC 808 Silicone lubricates door locks, hinges, linkages, window guides and bushes. It preserves and protects rubber mouldings, weather strips, grommets, o-rings, rubber seals, dashboards, door mouldings, plastic parts and mountings. It also restores tyre appearance and prevents bug accumulations on bumpers and grilles, where more specialised solvent based restorers are unsuitable. Refreshes the colour of most plastic and rubber components. Waterproofs ignition systems. Industrial: CRC 808 Silicone reduces friction and lubricates over a wide range of temperatures and pressures for freezing chamber and furnace applications. Ideal on studs, bolts and nuts, hoists, tracks, lifting gear and blocks, pumps, compressors, conveyor rollers and shutters. Excellent mould release, parting agent and machine bed lubricant. Home: CRC 808 Silicone is an ideal lubricant for sliding doors, locks, catches, curtain and shower tracks, drawer slides, castors, hinges, plastic rollers, sewing and knitting machine parts and slides, zip fasteners, model trains, cars and children's toys, automatic pool cleaners, garden and workshop tools and equipment. Sport: CRC 808 Silicone waterproofs without staining tents, ground sheets, boots, duffle and golf bags. Eliminates messy greases and oils. Provides unequalled lubrication on ski equipment, bicycles, skate boards, roller blades, roller skates, golf trundlers and all yacht rigging gear.
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